Shawty Luvv Who?


Yazzmine ‘Shawty Luvv’ Colbert is your everyday Hip-hop music lover, God fearing woman, 9-to-5 working, two job having, retail addict, sh*t talker, black hippy, boss chick, traveler, concert junkie type of blogger (Whew that was a mouthful lol)

But in all seriousness tho, Shawty Luvv is the average Black girl from Jacksonville, Fl with hopes of making a name for herself in the Entertainment blogging world. She started This Shawty Luvvs blog because of her overwhelming interest in entertainment media industry and she has a talent for writing that she gained from her studies at University of North Florida.

Luvv later decided to use her talents to help spread awareness of new music artists in the Hip-hop and R&B spectrum. She plans to use This Shawty Luvvs blog as a opportunity to help new upcoming artists gain exposure while also building and expanding her own brand.

“I’ve always felt that whatever you put into the universe is what you’ll get back,” Luvv said. “If I give others opportunities, then I’ll receive opportunities in return. ‘Be a blessing’ is my motto.”

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