[Celebrity News] Jada Pinkett Smith Expresses Grief Over The Portrayal of Her Relationship With Tupac in “All Eyez On Me”



It’s been a month since the All Eyez On Me movie hit theaters and it’s been about the same amount of time since Jada Pinkett Smith expressed her disappointment of the movie’s portrayal of her and Tupac’s relationship.

In an interview on Wednesday, July 12 with Atlanta’s V-103 Ryan Cameron Morning Show, Jada expressed strong feelings when asked about All Eyez On Me.

“I wanted people to know that what you’re seeing in regards to my relationship with Tupac is not true, and that was important to me because,” she said, while becoming teary-eyed “my relationship was really special and, um, it was very complicated and, um, I just felt like it was a huge disservice.”

Jada seemed to have high hopes for the All Eyez On Me film, hoping it would have ‘shown people who he really was.’ “It was one thing to see Pac’s persona publicly, and who he was personally,” she explained.

Jada also expressed strong discontent towards the filmmakers of the movie after mentioning they’d done business together in the past, but didn’t reach out to her. “Those Code Black dudes know me. We’ve done business together. We did Free Angela together, so I know that they knew how to reach for me,” she continued.

” I felt like it was exploitative of me and Pac, how they used our relationship to sell a movie. And I just felt like it was tomb raiding in regards to Pac. And if you’re really saying you’re honoring a man’s legacy, then honor his legacy. And if you don’t have the story, fall back until you do.”

Jada ended the interview with a few words to the filmmakers: “If you really feel like you did right by Pac, then congratulations. But if you didn’t, really sit with that. Cause I hope next time if you get an opportunity to make another movie about a legend, you’ll do a different thing.”

Watch Jada’s interview with V-103 below.


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