[Artist Spotlight] R&B Artist S A I N T. C L A I R Harnesses The Power in His Struggle

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S A I N T. C L A I R is no stranger to the struggle, hard work and determination! This up and coming singer, music producer, and actor is ready to impact the world with his God-given talent, but first he’s forced to harness the power in his struggle.

Raised in a ghetto in South Africa, Ernest ‘S A I N T. C L A I R’ St. Clair entered the South African music music industry in 2002. He received his first big break after making an appearance on the then popular Coca Cola Pop stars and made Saint Clair a household name while singing his way through the preliminary rounds.

After high interest from viewers of the show, S A I N T. C L A I R inked a deal with Virgin Records/EMI and television production company, Tarzan. This was the beginning of the pop group Afroz. S A I N T. C L A I R would go on to tour numerous parts of Africa and record a couple chart-topping records with the group.

At this point in his career, S A I N T. C L A I R is launching a solo career. “Right Now, I’m busy rehearsing with my new band and in the studio working on new material.,” he said, when asked about his next show.

Through his life story and music, S A I N T. C L A I R hopes to change the world or at least spark the mind that does, as Tupac would say. “Firstly I can only speak about my experience, in the past I only used to visualize or talk about my relationships,” he said. “Now I speak about the pain, the uncomfortable situations I’ve experienced those that make people think wow did u go thru that.”

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S A I N T. C L A I R harnesses the power in his struggle by making an impact on his community. He does this by acting as an ambassador for the Amped Africa school initiative. According to their website, AMPED™ provides high school students with an in-depth understanding of the entertainment industry, for both those students wanting to become artists and for those students interested in the business side of the entertainment industry.

(Love this!)

S A I N T. C L A I R is a great artist to look out for! He’s sure to seduce you with his originality and angelic R&B flow. Make sure you listen to the two tracks by S A I N T. C L A I R below!



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