Keyshia Cole Sued for $4 Million For Attacking Birdman’s Side Chick [Celebrity Gossip]


(She hit her with a 2-Piece Combo lol)

Keyshia Cole is being accused of putting a serious beat down on a woman she attacked for allegedly having sex with Birdman. The woman is seeking $4 million in injuries.

(Say what?)

Remember back in 2014, when Birdman and the R&B singer were dating, she pulled up on Birdman’s L.A. penthouse and saw a girl, then she instantly became enraged and beat the brakes off her. Well that same woman wants Keyshia to pay up for the beat down (Shit I would too if you beat my ass lol).

TMZ reports:


It looks like Ms. Cole has a hefty check to cough up. Meanwhile, Mercadel, who was a Cash Money employee, attempted to sue Birdman’s building, but later dropped the charges. She says her relationship with Birdman is completely “plutonic.”

You think Birdman will spot Keyshia the money? Let us know in the comments!


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