[Celebrity News] Kodak Black Admits He Thinks Dark Skinned Women Are Too “Tough” For Him

Boy please hush!


Kodak Black is making headlines again for his recent comments about why he don’t date dark-skinned Black women. “I don’t like women with my complexion,” he said in an interview with ChaneyTV at Master P’s Celebrity Basketball game in New Orleans. “I like light-skinned women. I want you to be lighter than me.”

Black goes on to explain the differences between dating dark-skinned women vs. light-skinned women: “My complexion we too gutta. Light-skinned women they mo sensitive.” When the host suggests to Black that there are some sensitive dark-skinned women in the world, Black dismisses the notion by saying, “Naw, naw, naw they too tough, they too tough. Light-skinned women we can break them down mo’ easier.”

This isn’t the first time Kodak Black has tried to clear up the comments he made about why he wouldn’t date anyone Keke Palmer’s complexion, but he has yet to make a good argument.

As of right now, we believe Black is battling issues with colorism. He has a strong dislike for his own complexion, which has been taught to him since birth while growing up. We don’t blame Black for feeling the way he feels, but we sincerely hope that he stops attempting to explain himself to people because all he’s doing is perpetuating a false narrative that dark-skinned women are tough.


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