[New Music] Stream Bryson Tiller’s Album ‘True To Self’

Image result for true to self  cover

Bryson Tiller knew how to get our attention when he released his highly-anticipated sophomore album True To Self a month ahead of schedule. Tiller is able to bring all the Throwback Hip-hop and R&B vibes with this one and we are here for it!

We swear Tiller could low-key be a rapper if he really wanted to cause’ this album displays his lyricism and vocal abilities. He’s definitely more confident in his music and writing songs for all the broken-hearted brothers who want that old thing back LOL

Byron Tiller managed to give us a 19-track album, including two Interludes and an Intro and Outro. Check out the True To Self track list below.

  1. Rain On Me (Intro)
  2. No Longer Friends
  3. Don’t Get Too High
  4. Blowing Smoke
  5. We Both Know
  6. You Got It
  7. In Check
  8. Self-Made
  9. Run Me Dry
  10. High Stakes
  11. Rain (Interlude)
  12. Teach Me a Lesson
  13. Stay Blessed
  14. Money Problems / Benz Truck
  15. Set It Off
  16. Never mind This (Interlude)
  17. Before You Judge
  18. Something Tells Me
  19. Always (Outro)

If you haven’t heard True To Self yet, get into it below!


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