[Celebrity News] Tiger Woods Found Asleep at The Wheel Before DUI Arrest

Image result for tiger woods mugshot

Tiger Woods may have had a little bit too much fun during Memorial Day weekend because he was arrested on DUI charges in Florida.

According to the arrest reports, Jupiter, Florida police discovered Woods early Monday morning on the side of the road, with his Mercedes-Benz still running, it’s break lights illuminated and right turn signal flashing. He was by himself and also wearing a seat belt.

When the officers awaken Woods, he spoke slow with slurred words. Woods then told the officer he was heading home from golfing in L.A. and he didn’t know where he was, the document said. He later changed his story and asked how far he was from his home.

Tiger Woods also told police that he “takes several prescriptions,” including Vicodin, a powerful painkiller.

A Breathalyzer test was administered and showed no signs of alcohol in Woods’ system, as he blew a 0.00. A urine sample was also collected.

On Monday, Woods issued a statement that said alcohol was not involved and that he had “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.”

Well Tiger it looks like 2017 is the year of L’s and hopefully you won’t have to take one if your story is proven true.

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