[Celebrity News] Beyonce Redefines Baby Shower With Star-Studded Push Party

Queen Bey is all smiles thru all four seasons!

Beyonce has done it again, but this time she managed to bring new meaning to what we’ve known as a baby shower. Over the weekend, Beyonce celebrated the arrival of her twins with her own version of a baby shower with friends and family, including also pregnant Serena Williams, LaLa Anthony, the other two members of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Bey’s mom, and of course Bey’s hubby, Jay Z. Instead of having the traditional baby shower, Beyonce chose a more inclusive event called a Push Party.


So what’s a Push Party, you say? While it’s very similar to a baby shower, a push party differs by allowing both genders to attend. This means that Jay Z and all his boys were able to be live and in full affect at the party. Push parties are also held close to the arrival of the baby, which explains Bey’s huge belly.

Screenshot 2017-05-23 06.23.28.png

A push party is also the celebration of the parents, specifically the mom, and the work they’re about to endure to bring new life into the world. During a Push party, Push presents — a gift given by a partner to the mom or birther of a baby — are popular and help add context to the event.

All in all, we’re ready for Bey to drop dem babies, especially since we don’t even know the genders yet. C’mon Carter babies!

Screenshot 2017-05-23 06.23.47.png



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