[Celebrity Gossip] T.I. Puts Funkmaster Flex in Check

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So word on the street is Funkmaster Flex had a whole lot to say about Tupac recently. The Hot 97 DJ took to Instagram Live and Twitter to air his opinions on what he says “really” happened the night Tupac was robbed and shot at NYC’s Quad Studios.

Flex made allegations like Tupac accidentally shot himself the night he was ambushed. “Cheddar Bob came in there, popped himself in the leg. Popped himself first. That’s what happened,” Flex said during his Instagram Live.

No one has any idea what prompted Flex to go on such a rant, but it was obviously something he felt he needed to get off his chest. After catching wind of Flex’s comments, T.I. took to Instagram to respectfully put Funkmaster Flex in check.


“Regardless of what you think the validity of your statement is, I was taught never to speak down on a dead man,” T.I. captioned. “When he was a alive, you was on the air then.. that was the time to address this. Not here, not now, not like this! And I’d say the same to a n*gga from LA speaking on BIG.”

Flex responded to T.I. with this video, explaining why he called Tupac a liar.


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