[Album Review] Rich Homie Quan – Back To The Basics

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When Rich Homie said back to the basics, he meant just that! 

After a few years off, Rich Homie Quan has come back better than ever with a new album called Back to The Basics. This album showcases Quan’s innovative writing style while he gives his life’s testimony throughout this body of work.

In the two-minute intro track, Never Made It, Rich Homie Quan releases all his demons. This track outlines his life and career, from troubles with his label to settling lawsuits and watching his peers fly past him with success. You can hear Quan’s emotions in this track as he says:

Never thought that I would be in the situation that I’m in
Never thought these folks would turn their back on me thought they was fans

Sounds like Quan is learning the hard way, that everyone ain’t loyal and everyone doesn’t support ya!

Before Back to The Basics dropped, Quan released his radio single, Heart Cold, which initially caught my attention and had me wondering what the album would sound like. In this track, Quan raps about staying out the trap, making money, rumors surrounding his success and of course, the scandalous women. You can hear Quan’s growth as an artist all throughout this track.

One song that I absolutely adore is track no. 4, Lord Forgive Me. In this track, Quan lays all his sins and wrongdoings on the table and asks God to forgive him for his sins. I think we all can relate to this one, especially when he says:

I ain’t saying that I’m perfect, I know I sin everyday, all I ask is

Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me

If I can’t make it at the church every Sunday, just understand

Lord forgive me

By the end of this track, Quan will have you rethinking your decisions and singing along asking the Lord for forgiveness.

I hope you didn’t think that Quan had forgetten about his ratchet roots because he made sure to remind you in the potential club banger, Da Streetz. In this track, Quan gave a recount of what he learned from the streets at each age in his life. He credits the streets for all that he knows from drinking alcohol, to acquiring money and even having protected sex.

Overall, this album is a symbol of the new and improved Rich Homie Quan, but don’t take my word for it. Stream Back To The Basics on Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal. My favorite tracks are: Heart Cold, Lord Forgive Me, Gamble, Da Streetz and Money Fold.

Check out the dope visual for Rich Homie Quan’s track, Da Streetz. 


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