[Album Review] Mack Wilds – AfterHours

Image result for mack wilds afterhours

Who knew the kid had pipes?!

Let me be the first to say that I had no idea that Mack Wilds could sing or even had aspirations to be singer. I’ve gotten use to seeing his face in TV shows like The Wire and The Breaks, but now we have to look for him on the Billboard charts.

When I first came across this album, I sincerely thought it was a rap album, at least until I heard the Intro. In the AfterHours intro track, you can hear a voicemail recording by Wilds then right after, he graces the track with a deep, seductive voice giving you every reason to continue listening.

Since I’m a huge hip-hop and R&B fan, it didn’t take me long to develop a liking for the album. Track no. 2 called Bonnie & Clyde featuring Wale was an instant it hit with me. In this track, he speaks on a past relationship with a woman that he continues to be on-again/off-again with. Now he has her back in his life, even though she’s in a relationship with another man. Wale ends the track with a phenomenal love poem.

So there’s this new thing for upcoming R&B artists to do remakes of older R&B songs, essentially bringing them back to life while also putting the new artist in the spotlight. Yea, I get it. This came as no surprise when I heard Wilds’ remake of Ginuwine’s track, Stingy. Also named Stingy, Mack Wilds reinvents the old track by adding a small soundbite of the original song along with an urban, bass-filled beat that allows him to rap and sing about how he’s stingy when it comes to his significant other.

I could go on and on about this album and it’s tracks, but I have to leave you guessing on what the album has to offer. AfterHours consists of 12 tracks, offering you love songs and break-up bangers. You can listen for yourself on Apple Music, Tidal and/or Spotify. My fave tracks are Bonnie & Clyde, Obsession, Senses, Stingy, and Explore.




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