[Album Review] Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

Image result for kendrick lamar damn album cover

King Kendrick has done it again!


Such an accurate word to describe this iconic album.

Kendrick Lamar finally unleashed his fourth studio album, DAMN., and he’s definitely speaking his mind on this one! He managed to keep the album clear and concise with one-word song titles like BLOOD., HUMBLE. and FEAR. to describe a few, which in my opinion, elevates his place in hip-hop as soaring among some of the greatest lyrical geniuses.

Bursting out of the rap gates with bangers like DNA. and YAH., Kendrick sets the tone of the album by giving an account of how he ran across an old, blind woman who was going through a tough time. This leads to her losing her life, hence the name of the track is called BLOOD. The song ends with a sample from two confused FOX news reporters, reciting a lyric from Kendrick’s politically-charged song ‘Alright.’

” And we hate po-po, wanna kill us dead in the street fo sho’…ugh, I don’t like it.”

With features like Rihanna, U2 and Zarcari, Kendrick gives new meaning to the word collaboration. He uses Rihanna’s unique, raspy island-tone to complement the lyrics on the song, LOYALTY. As they go back and forth asking each other what and who they’re loyal to, this song gives Kendrick’s idea of loyalty in platonic and romantic relationships.

What surprised me the most was to see that Kendrick included U2, an Irish rock band, in the track, XXX. It only made sense after hearing XXX. that U2 added the element of what I’d like to call a rock-soul vibe. The track begins with a bangin’ throwback beat that’ll take you back to the 90s, then as it gets closer to the end of the track, it switches to a slow ballad performed by U2, adding a calm, jazz feel.

Although Kendrick has always discussed what’s prominent in our current time and culture, I think he did more than that on this album. He not only gives his listeners something to relate to, but he gets a little more personal and reveals the demons he faced before and after acquiring fame.

Something that stuck out to me on the album was the final track named, DUCKWORTH, which is Kendrick’s official last name. It explains why this particular track was the most honest and meaningful. Kendrick then goes on to end this track the same way the album began by rewinding the moment when he mentions how he took a walk the other day and saw a woman walking.

Stream the album for yourself on Apple Music, Spotify or Tidal! Keep in mind that this brother is WOKE! Some of my favorite tracks are DNA., ELEMENT., LOYALTY., HUMBLE., LUST., LOVE., and XXX.

Check out the visual for Kendrick’s single, HUMBLE.




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